Ned Braden
Ned Braden
Ned Braden during a game
Gender Male
Occupation Left Wing for the Charlestown Chiefs
Nationality American
Portrayed by Michael Ontkean
Appearances Slap Shot
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Ned Braden is a character from the 1977 film Slap Shot. He plays Left Wing for the Charlestown Chiefs, is the leading scorer on the team and wears #10 on his jersey. He is also a college graduate.


Being the leading scorer and best player on the Charlestown Chiefs, Braden is a skilled hockey player. But when player-coach Reggie Dunlop turns the team into a bunch of goons who beat up the opposing teams to win, Braden refuses to fight. He doesn't want to be reduced to that type of hockey.

He also has marital problems at home. He and his wife Lily Braden are constantly fighting.

Becoming fed up with Reggie and the team, Braden ends up taking off all his gear and skating around the rink naked during the championship game against the Syracuse Bulldogs.

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