Jeff Hanson is one of three brothers who play on the Charlestown Chiefs. He plays right wing on a line with his two brothers, wearing number 18. At the time of his trade to the team, he is 18 years old and the youngest of the brothers. He appears very similar to his other brothers, having long hair and wearing thick glasses.

He is very similar to his brothers in mentality, starting fights on the ice and choosing to play with toys while off the ice. Upon meeting them for the first time, coach and player, Reggie Dunlop refers to the trio as "a bunch of retards" as they appear to be simpler than the average player. When they initially join the team, most players are appalled by their appearance and demenour. Johnny Upton asks if Joe McGrath obtained them for a "Used puck bag".

Jeff, along with his brothers, quickly become a fan favorite and their fellow teammates quickly take a liking to them, especially Reggie Dunlop.

Jeff Hanson is potrayed by Jeff Carlson.