Dean Youngblood
Dean Youngblood
Dean Youngblood
Gender Male
Occupation Left Wing for the Hamilton Mustangs
Nationality American
Portrayed by Rob Lowe
Appearances Youngblood
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Dean Youngblood is the main title character from the 1986 film Youngblood. He plays left wing for the Hamilton Mustangs and wears #10 on his jersey.


Growing up on a farm in rural New York, Dean always wanted to play professional hockey. He took the first step when he got a spot on the roster for the Hamilton Mustangs in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

At first, the team treats him poorly because he's small and lacks toughness. But they have a change of heart once they see him play and score goals. At the same time, he tries to win the heart of the coach's daughter Jessie.

After getting embarrassed by the other teams' goons, and seeing his friend and teammate Derek Sutton put in a hospital because of it, Dean decides to give up on junior hockey. But with the support of his brother and his father, Dean gets back out on the ice and overcomes his fears.

In the championship game, Dean scores the game-winning goal and fights the goon Carl Racki, knocking him to the ice.

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