Charlestown Chiefs
Chiefs logo
Charlestown Chiefs crest/logo
League Federal League
Home arena War Memorial
Home city Charlestown
Colors Blue, Yellow, White
Owner(s) Anita McCambridge
Manager(s) Joe McGrath
Coach(s) Reggie Dunlop
Appearances Slap Shot

The Charlestown Chiefs is a team in the Federal League in the 1977 film Slap Shot.


The Chiefs are a losing team, and the citizens don't go to the games because the mill closed, putting many people out of work. Fearing the impact of the financial crisis, it's announced publicly that the team will be folding at the end of that season.

Player-coach Reggie Dunlop then decides to do whatever it takes to draw fans, and money, in to the Chiefs organization. Reggie lies to his players about a potential buyer for the team, and makes them and the opposing players crazy so that they'll fight. The fighting draws in the fans, so Reggie continues to push his team to the limit.

After an all-out brawl in the championship game against the Syracuse Bulldogs, the Chiefs are awarded the trophy. The team then has a parade and a celebration in Charlestown.


Front Office and othersEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Charlestown Chiefs was based on the real-world Johnstown Jets.